Years of experience on stage and in the classroom has helped to create a curriculum that teaches the fundamentals of traditional ballet  and modern dance technique in a fun and exciting environment.

The students learn both beginning and advanced concepts of traditional dance and ballet  such as the 5 basic foot positions, and will learn the correct french terminology for common dance steps like Demi Plie', Tendu, Chasse and more. In addition, they will also learn music terminology while having fun with real instruments.

The children will have the opportunity to perform in 2 dance recitals per year at no extra charge.

Most dance studios charge additional fees for flashy costumes that are not necessarily age appropriate.  They might also charge extra fees for family and friends to attend your child's dance recital. Furthermore, your child might only perform in 1 or 2 dance routines, assuming stage fright doesn't set in before their fears subside and the opportunity flies by.  Luckily, this will not be the case with Coco Motion since I offer a Fall Dance Recital and a Spring Dance Recital (each of which lasts for approximately 30-45 minutes) which gives your child the chance to warm up to the idea of performing in front of an audience, as well as having the opportunity to shine while dancing their little hearts out with their classmates and best friends in a comfortable and familiar environment.